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St. John Bosco - A Home For Boys
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St. John Bosco Boys Home is a residential child-care institution in Jamaica, owned and operated by the Sisters of Mercy, a Catholic order of Nuns committed to working with the poor, sick, and uneducated.

Many people's lives have been touched by the 'Bosco Experience'.  Our friends & benefactors have been a valuable and important part of the growth and success of the Home. 
Our quarterly Newsletter has helped to keep us in touch over the years, and now we are branching out to include the Internet to bring you closer to what is happening here at St. John Bosco.
If you have been here and just want to see how we are doing; or if you just want to learn more about us - this is a good place to start.  Welcome!



What's New?

A lot has happened at St. John Bosco in the past two years since the Hurricane.  We have added the Newsletter to the Website, and will update as often as possible so our friends and benefactors will know what's going on as soon as it happens!  There will be lots of new photos and information, so please keep checking in. Take care, God bless!